CONDO is the opportunity for a really exciting exploration. London galleries have invited overseas galleries to come and present their best artists. This is a new kind of collaboration and provides a new way into the London art scene for foreign galleries that previously were restricted to international art fairs.

This will be a very interactive exploration. We will discover new artists and their works of course, but we will also explore what are the newest challenges facing contemporary art galleries and how they rise to them.

We will visit a number of galleries: Pilar Corrias, Sadie Coles, Southard Reid, Rodeo – more if we have the time – so be prepared to hop about a bit (and wear comfortable shoes)!

We will meet at Pilar Corrias, near Oxford Circus at 10.30 am. The tour will last as long as you’d like (but no later than 2 pm) and will include a short lunch break.

Dates: 31st January, 2nd February, 7th February. Other dates may be available, so please do get in touch if you are interested but cannot make one of these dates.

To book please send me an email:



London Art Fair

London Art Fair

This January the London Art Fair is an excellent place to capture a cross-section of modern and contemporary art for aficionados and buyers alike.

In itself, the fair is a great provender for a really enjoyable exploration, containing work by artists whose art already hangs in museums around the world as well as by emerging artists in specially curated spaces. It is usually a frenetic event and can seem a bit of a labyrinth, while plenty of chaff is mixed with the grain. Come and join one of my explorations, and sort the good from the bad, and the exciting from the old hat!

The fair is particularly good for those looking to buy art, whether by a particular artist, in a certain style, with a certain colour palette, or perhaps just a really good photograph for that wall that has been bare for too long. If this is what you are looking for, then come along with me for some of the best advice in town. I will guide you to the strongest works, artists and galleries; and I can also provide entirely independent advice on valuation and investment potential.


Boom for Real – Jean-Michel Basquiat at the Barbican

Basquiat at the Barbican until the 28th January 2018

Basquiat is famous for his self-portraits. Though he died at just 27, he managed in his brief span to create work that appeals to millions, intertwining the history of art and poetry with the contemporary street art of a tumultuous New York in the late 70s and early 80s. His painting Untitled sold at Sotheby’s this year for $111 million, making it the most expensive American artwork ever sold!

Basquiat was prolific and his paintings were popular in his lifetime, but the great and good were slow to recognise his talent. Head curators admit today that, in hindsight, they could not fit his work into the canon of art history, and so rejected it when it was offered to them.

So what makes Basquiat today one of the most important artists of the 20th century? This question will lead our exploration. The exhibition is also rounded out by rare film, photography and archive material, making it one of the most interesting in town.

Where:  The Barbican, Silk St, London EC2Y 8DS
Visit time: approx. ninety minutes

To book for this tour: