Art and drawing for children


Every child has a creative side; exploring and developing this is central to a happy and balanced life. The observation and appreciation of art, the planning and realisation of a picture, help develop patience and focus.

I design exceptional art experiences for children and families. These may be tours, workshops, birthday parties, or something else – I’m open to suggestions! In every case, I aim to inspire a passion for visual arts, and to encourage creative expression from the outset.

London is crammed with art. We visit some of its finest galleries and museums, as well as temporary exhibitions and commercial galleries, to discover art from any period, from primitive through classical to contemporary.IMG_6436-2lr

At the same time, I draw links and parallels throughout the history of art, drawing attention to the evolution of styles, techniques, and subject – and how the painting or sculpture or drawing was created.

Above all, I try to bring home the extraordinary richness of art in London, to make it accessible. And I keep it simple: the children visit the history behind artworks, and learn to retell their stories for themselves, completing the experience with an art project based on what they have seen.


Come and join me soon on one of my next tours or get in touch to plan another event.

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