Tapping the Colours of Nature

This is an invitation to my next workshop – Tapping the Colours of Nature. Please choose from sessions starting Friday 14th July to the following Monday, 17th July. 

Summer is a season of heady beauty (if we’re lucky!), full of the promise of ripe fruit. Trees and bushes are lushious with leaves. Flowers tint gardens and our surroundings. Nature offers us vivid colours – let’s catch them while we can! My workshop will give free-flow to children to choose natural subjects to paint from the garden, or from an indoor still-life (if the weather keeps us inside) – or just from their imagination. 

Sessions are for children of six to about 12 years. Each is for a maximum of six children, and lasts 90 minutes. They take place at my home in Danemere Street (Putney SW15 1LT).

This is the last art session before the summer holiday. I hope this advance notice will help you plan for what is a busy season for us all!