Painting Flowers in the Dutch Style

This workshop celebrates the return of spring and the blossoming all around of bright flowers, the return of light and colour after the duns and greys of winter.

The children paint flowers against the black backgrounds beloved of 17th century Dutch painters of still life. We mix primary colours using a colour wheel, to pick out the spring palette, and explore the different shapes of blossoms, tracing their lines and revealing their geometry.

As ever, art is wonder, and wonder is a path to joy!

Ornamental Letters

This time, we will be looking into the secrets and mysteries of calligraphy. Letters are so familiar to us and our entry into reading. Yet the way we construct letters is the fruit of many and long traditions. Before computers – and which of children can conceive of such a time? – adding ornament to writing was proof of the importance of the message, quite literally transforming letters into art.

This workshop will also show children that the Western alphabet is only one among many, and so we will look at Chinese signs too. But in the main we will focus on our own Roman alphabet, bringing our imagination to bear in decorating and ornamenting letters.

As ever, art is wonder, and wonder is a path to joy!