David Hockney – Tate Britain

This is an invitation to join me to a David Hockney tour at the Tate Britain. 

David Hockney is a living legend and this exhibition is the chance to grasp how art has become for this artist the language of his inquisitive mind – from the depiction of his celebrated portraits, to the colourful landscapes of Yorkshire (the Wolds) and the vivid light and water of California (his famous swimming pools). All with the overall intention to express joy of life and to re-collect time and space into painting.

This retrospective also shows how David Hockney’s style evolved, applying new practices to new places. At age eighty, the artist continues to embrace technological innovation such as the ipad and video to create new types of paintings and deeper understanding of his practice. All his work really forms one fascinating ensemble.

Tours available until 29th May: cjolanda@icloud.com