Georgia O’Keefe – Inspirational Journey

Georgia O’Keeffe: Art Tour 22 – 29 September 2016, Tate Modern

Georgia O’Keefe, despite her wide popularity, is still underestimated. Going beyond the hastily attributed erotic and hyper-feminist dimensions of her paintings of flowers, this exhibition reveals much more of the motives behind her work.

This tour at the Tate Modern is a fabulous opportunity to grasp the unfolding art of an American woman across the 20th century. With a great breadth of influences, she found her own original style, tinted by the places she lived in and the life choices she made.

This is a must see for anyone interested in how art is a reflection of a society and a time. And you will also see the extended Tate Modern premises.

Flowers in the style of Georgia O’Keeffe

Georgia’O Keefe, whose exhibition is currently running at the Tate Modern, is one of the West’s most celebrated and inspiring female artists. Her painting “Jimson Weed” was revolutionary: a close-up, cropped view of a flower, it sold at auction two years ago for 44 million dollars! In this workshop, I will introduce her work to the children, after which they will paint a flower inspired by her style.

Sessions are for a maximum of six children.