Contemporary art tour with artist Sinta Tantra


I invited ladies to meet me on the 11 September 2015 at Kristin Hjellgjerde Gallery to be introduced to the exceptional work by Sinta Tantra, of Balinese origin and born in New York. Sinta Tantra’s work can be summarised as mesmerising patterns, geometric shapes of abstract curiosity and intense pursuit of colours. Sinta Tantra herself presented her work to us!

Sinta Tantra studied at London flagship art schools, the Slade School and the Royal Academy. Her works can be admired among others in Canary Wharf (DLR Bridge). She is currently working on a commission for a Cambridge college and has just completed a commission in Song-do, South Korea for those who travel further! Sinta’s work is a celebration of colour abstraction. Jo and Sinta togetherHer carefully constructed shapes and patterns are an invitation to contemplate sculpted colours. The artist has developed her strong own artistic language, a hybrid of pop and formalism, where the colours question decorative, functional, and social role of art. The outside and surroundings of the painting play a crucial intervention role too, bringing installation and painting together.

Comment by one of the participants: “It was really great to see Sinta’s work presented by the artist! I am also impressed with your introduction and with the way you bring art so accessibly and devotedly to us”. (Yana)

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