Upcoming tours for adults

  Fitzrovia gallery tour The art scene is more alive than ever but grasping contemporary art may not be as straightforward, some of it may seem so far removed from our everyday experience . Also it might be quite intimidating to enter a commercial gallery. This tour will definitely make you feel most welcome and […]

Advice on acquisitions

There are many reasons for buying art, and this part of my business is dedicated to helping you do so. Whether you are looking for coup de coeur acquisitions, at home or for your corporate spaces, investments for the future, or additions to your existing collection, I can identify and advise on acquisitions for all […]

Jerwood Drawing Prize

I took several families around with young children to come and discover a contemporary drawing exhibition in London – The Jerwood Drawing Prize. The exhibition itself at the Jerwood Space was amazing in that it revealed an incredible range of approaches to drawing (even sound installation!). The tour started with a visit of the exhibition’s drawings, […]