London Art Fair (17-21 January 2018)

London Art Fair

This January the London Art Fair is an excellent place to capture a cross-section of modern and contemporary art for aficionados and buyers alike.

In itself, the fair is a great provender for a really enjoyable exploration, containing work by artists whose art already hangs in museums around the world as well as by emerging artists in specially curated spaces. It is usually a frenetic event and can seem a bit of a labyrinth, while plenty of chaff is mixed with the grain. Come and join one of my explorations, and sort the good from the bad, and the exciting from the old hat!

The fair is particularly good for those looking to buy art, whether by a particular artist, in a certain style, with a certain colour palette, or perhaps just a really good photograph for that wall that has been bare for too long. If this is what you are looking for, then come along with me for some of the best advice in town. I will guide you to the strongest works, artists and galleries; and I can also provide entirely independent advice on valuation and investment potential.

London Art Fair
Business Design Center, Islington, London
17- 21 January 2018

London Art Fair